metal foam
metal foam

Metal Foam- Real Life Applications & In-Depth Market Report

Metal Foam is an isotropic highly absorbent metallic solid that has a cellular structure. It has substantially circular and closed pores that can dwell in more than 70% of the total capacity. It’s motorised, and physical properties strongly depend on the density which usually lies in the range of 0.4-1.2

One interesting question is how it is prepared. Well, a powder metallurgical method is used for the preparation of metal Foil. Now, you might be wondering why this method? The only valid explanation is that it is very efficient in the absorption of sound, impact energy absorption, vibration damping, electromagnetic shielding, and vibration damping.

metal foam

Real-Life Applications of Metal Foam

  1. AutomotiveAutomotive Industry uses metal foam for reduction of weight in vehicles. Another critical aspect of metal foam is that it is recyclable. When we talk about cars, question yourself, what is essential? Manufacturer and consumer both want vehicles with passive safety. So, most of the vehicles in the market are mainly influenced by choice of materials and design of the car. It is also useful for car energy absorption, insulation, and lightweight construction. Additionally, the two properties that support the use of foams in passengers cars are Good energy and sound absorbing.
  2. Aerospace- Metal foam has become essential for the aerospace industry as it is quite li If you still didn’t understand then let me explain you by an example- Application sheets or sandwich panels that are made up of Metal foam can easily replace costly honeycomb structures. By using it, you will have several advantages and one of them is reduced costs. Moreover, it has another advantage, and that is the lack of any adhesive bonding and isotropy in the properties of such panels. In case of fire, metal foam can be useful in maintaining the integrity of the structure.
  3. Ships- Similar to the Aerospace industry, ships use this foam for its lightweight properties. However, if you compare it with cars, it requires the processing of a highly flexible material. The reason is that the ships are not constructed in an extended sequence and are not assembled with remarkably consistent parts. Therefore, it can provide additional advantages to boats.
  4. Household and Furniture Industry- Metal foam interestingly has an exclusive surface that makes them an excellent potential for designers. You can use it for lamps, tables, and accessories. You can bring new effects to your room by using a combination of wood and metal foam. As we discussed above, the metal foam is lightweight, so, all the furniture that is made up of metal foam are lightweight. Additionally, these types of furniture provide a significant advantage in offices or an exhibition.

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Market Insight Report 2019-2025

The current research report shows that the sales of Metal Foam play a great & in-depth idea in the overall market dynamics and development of Metal Foam Sales. However, as per the latest information, there are still some market risks involved that can affect the total cost of a structure.

In the latest report, you can find and analyse all the industry verticals like the presence of regional metal foam sales, competitive market scenario, and several opportunities for development are explained thoroughly. In addition to this, you get to know about the Top players that are present in the Metal Foam Sales industry. You get to find out more about their growth opportunities, business tactics, of every interested company. Besides, the report also covers significant competition between the considerable industry players who are using the help of specialists, business analyst, and experts, to find out everything about their competitors.

The report also includes the statistical data of the total number of Metal Foam sales in 2018, total revenue, sales data in tabular format, gross profit, charts and tables. You can use all of them to generate a clear understanding of market patterns, threats and drivers from the Foam Sales Industry. Besides, if you want to analyse all these details deeply, then you can Download your copy of Sales Market Report.

Final Words

To conclude, I would say that Metal foam is non-flammable and it remains stable at high temperature. The best thing about Metal foam is that it is environmentally friendly and thus recyclable. So, it provides significant advantages for future industrial applications by combining several properties in a single standardised material. As a result, it can help in saving the materials, energy, and environment.

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