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LG G8 ThinQ Review: A Wasted Golden Opportunity?

The LG G8 is a great innovation as when LG launched this monster phone there biggest rival Samsung announced 5 Galaxy phones. The Samsung did not stay here they announced a with 5G compatible and star of the show unique Galaxy Fold. But this time the generous threat to G8 is not a fancy fold feature or gen next technology. It is the affordability as all galaxy phones are released on the economical range than previous ones.

Even the luxury range the Galaxy series came up with Galaxy S10E which is the most affordable phone of the series till the date. This factor can keep the potential buyers away from LG G8. As per the mobile division official report, the company is in a deficit of $ 172 million loss in the second quarter of 2018. Currently, the smartphone sales are on a downfall that made things especially difficult for LG.

As the company is struggling and even its last couple of flagship phones didn’t make a buzz. But still, I belives that it must compete with the brands like Apple, Huawei, Samsung etc.

If we talk about G8 it is a great phone. It comes with a higher price than any previous G series or any flagship of LG before, it comes in a range of $820 to $850 depending on the carrier. It is slim, sleek, innovative design and the phone is water resistant and it has an earphone jack in it. Which is a perfect match for those who don’t want to give up their wired headphones?

Bokeh Effect For Video Needs to be Sorted

The G8 empowers you to take solid, sharp, crisp photos that too with vibrant colours. Even the phone is so good as you can compare it with Galaxy S10e. But still, there are some differences, the galaxy’s S10e’s wide-angle camera is efficient enough to capture sharper images. If we look at G8 the colours produced on the image a bolder having a warmer effect which is great.

But finally, Galaxy S10E render the image like an expert. The appearance of Background and foreground is better in Samsung more specifically it clearly differentiate between small patches and fix them. The G8 features a low light setting called Night view.

It efficiently brightens up’s exposure and pics. Even the pics are so much the same as Galaxy S10e. But that phone has automatic low lights settings that are prefixed in the camera. A standalone Night mode is missing in Samsung. LG adds up a Bokeh video recording mode that almost copies the in-depth field and gives an effect of full frame camera.

The feature is great but still needs to be improved or worked out. As the output given by G8 is not as smooth as you get from an SLR camera. The blur effect looks artificial that appears to differentiate background and foreground. On some occasions, it becomes patchy or inconsistent specifically seen in moving objects. But you can console yourself as the effect an artsy and dramatic look to videos and pics.

Gesture Id is Unique but Rarely Used

The selfie camera or technically the front-facing camera comes with an IR Sensor and transmitter. These things have been clubbed with camera for motion capturing and 3D mapping. By adding this it gets the usability of iPhones Face ID feature. It is also advancement as compared with G7 which is a predecessor of the series.

Even this time LG ads a revolutionary new feature that is Hand ID feature. Just place your hands in the air above the G8 and unlock it easily. You can also use gestures to control your phone without touching it physically.

It feels like magic but In my opinion, you will not use this feature in between meeting or having a coffee with a loved one. The reason behind this is it doesn’t work fast as compared with face unlock or by thumb impression.

But I think that idea is pretty unique and tempting who knows in near future LG and other phone maker’s build a future where everyone freely controls their phones without touching it. In my opinion, you can use this feature to attract others or create a lasting or unique impression.

Long Lasting Battery with Speedy Performance

The LG G8 comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset. It has a top-notch processor which makes it fast and reliable even no lags experienced while playing or heavy tasks.

If you look at the battery that gives an average of sixteen hours and 37 minutes on continuous video playback. Which is a little shorter than its competitors like Galaxy S10e or OnePlus which gives a playback of17 hours.


In opinion, the Lg G8 is a great phone but some issues and higher price point makes it an average phone. If you can wish to buy you can as it is a complete package but in My opinion, you must wait for the next flagship of G series as that may be more refined and leave LG G8.

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