Hyperloop: A Futuristic Transport Technology For Travellers?

In this fast-changing modern world, things are getting changed. Hyperloop is another example of incredible technological progress making our daily life activities simpler. With constantly changing technology helps to change our perspective towards the world. There are many sectors left untouched or doesn’t change much as they need.

One of them is transportation the way you and I travel is almost the same over the decades. Due to this with rapid growth in population resulted in heavy traffic on roads, air, even you have to struggle to get a seat in train or bus. But no need to worry much as the fantasy of  Next-Gen transportation is almost going to alive. Futuristic transportation is already proven by a successful example called Hyperloop.


What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is the latest form of ground transport through this you will travel at 700 miles per hour in a floating pod within the low-Pressure tube. Its concept was initially imagined by Elon Musk and first publicly mentioned in 2012. Besides, this concept is open sourced by Musk and Space X. So, Virgin Hyperloop one is encouraged by this idea and trying to further develop it.

How Does Hyperloop Work?

The speed of land-based transportation is limited by friction and air resistance. It aggressively reduces friction and air resistance. Let’s understand how they made it happen.

The tunnel in which it operates works as most of the air removed. Actually, they aren’t going to be a complete vacuum but with very less air that gives reduced friction and less energy to get a higher speed. The tunnel will use compressor fans due to that air would move around the passenger pods for minimizing the drag and creating a layer of air to float them off the tubes.

However, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is one of the leading company in this field. It is using magnetic levitation to achieve the same effect. As per the concept of this method magnets will be placed under the pods. It will focus the magnetic field to generate the force on one side of the array this will activate side, on the other hand, cancelling out the field of another side. Due to these magnetic fields, the pod will result to float by passing electromagnetic coils embedded in the Hyperloop track. Propel of pods will a result of thrust generated from linear motors.

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Benefits of Hyperloop

As per the claims made by developers of Hyperloop. Here I will highlight some of the major benefits that you will enjoy are as follows:

  • It is going to be a super cheap due to its less energy consumption model.
  • It is the superfast mode of travel that will redefine your definition of travelling.
  • The latest transport technology is Eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit any pollutant or hazardous gases.
  • The technology is quicker and easier to build as compared to the time taken by traditional modes like train, roads etc.
  • The advent of Hyperloop will result in potentially unlocking major economies as a result.

Where will it Run?

It is still not clear where hyper loops will establish or where will it run and experienced physically. There are some proposed routes on which you can witness an actual hyperloop in future. These are New York to Washington DC, Kansas to St. Louis, Bratislava to Brno, Vijayawada to Amravati, Pune to Mumbai. A recent development has been made in the development of actual hyperloop as a State government from India has signed a contract to build Hyperloop in their state. It gives a positive signal towards Actual working Hyperloop wait until its official launch.

How Hyperloop is different from high-speed trains?

The developers of hyperloop are advocating it as the best possible alternative of trains. One of the main reason which makes it best of all is low operational cost and energy efficient. The other reasons are no pollution and even track doesn’t need to provide continuous power to pods. Yes, You can leave every 30 seconds or you can do it on demand/ when it is needed. The Hyperloop is potentially two to three times faster than the hi-speed train or you can say ten times faster than regular rail services.


At last, I appreciate the futuristic concept and salutes to all the hard work done by Elon Musk and his time. Also would like to congratulate them for this great achievement which is going to change our lives. Inventions like this made our day to day tasks easier, in other words, increasing the productivity of our daily life. I hope you would like the content as the above-given information is designed to help you. If you are facing any issue with the content or having a question about hyperloop or any other topic mention it below in comment box. Our team will try their best to answer your queries in our upcoming blogs.



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