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Summary Judgment Won By Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA)

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Dallas, Texas, 03/12/2014 (ustrademedia) –  The producer and distributor of Spanish Language contents in United States, Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA) had announced about its win of summary judgment in the cases against Lehman Brothers and T. Rowe Price. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. had accused Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA) of violating the contracts by non-payment of dividends. Lehman Brothers had claimed that the company owes around $29.36 million in preferred stock dividends. Similar suit was filed by T. Rowe Price against Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA. These two suits were consolidated as a single suit in July 2013. This win by Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA) is over both these filed suits.

Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA) launches SXAmericas

The Spanish-language media and entertainment company has announced its collaboration with AIRE Radio Networks and South By Southwest Music Conferencs (SXSW) for launching a new program called SXAmericas.  The aim of this program is to join the collective talent, idea pool and opportunities for U.S. and LATAM audiences. These help in discussion of various openings and opportunities in the industry.

EL ZOL 106.7FM and Walmart collaborate for Romeo Santos meeting

On February 27th, a face to face with Romeo Santos, the King of Bachata was arranged by EL ZOL 106.7FM together with Walmart. There was also autograph signing session arranged. These are many of the promotional events organized by Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA) owned EL ZOL 106.7FM.

Fourth Quarter Earnings to be declared

The release date for its fourth quarter earnings is tentatively scheduled for 31st March 2014.  The stock had closed 1.24% upwards with the value of $5.75 when the markets had ended for March 11th. The Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (NASDAQ:SBSA)company has operations in both Televisions as well as radio segments. Mega TV is its television group while there are almost 21 radio stations under its wing currently.

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