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Smartphone Apps Rules the Market with Booming Profit

Posted in Business2 years ago • Written by Carla NightNo Comments

In the year 2007, the start of application market, no one would have depicted that this industry was going to be one of the biggest in the coming years. Churning out billion dollars, this market is booming fast with the help of iPhone from Apple, Android from Google and more.

Growing quickly and steadily, the mobile phone market is expected to come out with global sales record of $25 billion in the year 2013, which is almost 62% more in comparison to the record of last year. This statistical data is researched by Gartner Inc. and is first revealed in the reports of Wall Street Journal on Monday.

The market forecast that there will be expansion in the numbers of smartphones to be shipped worldwide reflects the demand for massive growth of smartphones. This year, there is more want for smartphones in comparison to feature phones, as stated by the report of IDC, a prominent firm of research in market technology.

According to the report of IDC, it is predicted that traders will ship in more than 919 million of smartphones in the year 2013, which is almost 50.1% of entire shipment of smartphones. The firm also reveals that majority of the demand for smartphone is directly associated with the boost up of economy in the US. They say “The demand for smartphone is shifting its balance towards the emerging economic markets where there is relatively smaller user base of smartphones. The economic scenario is growing higher in such places.”

The report of last month from Flurry Inc., an analytical firm of mobile marketing, says that China is eventually taking on the leading charge of development in apps, by surpassing US. They are emerging as the biggest developer of Android, smartphones and Apple tablets in the mobile market.

With this frenzy for apps, Google and Apple are in for more profit with above 700,000 apps in their relevant stores. Even the time period of using these apps are growing as people become more tech savvy. Flurry also reveals that within the period of December 2011-December 2012, US users have spent more than 94 to 127 minutes every day with these apps.

Believing the study revealed by TechNet, it is observed that with the market of apps growing, it has successfully created more than 466,000 employments in the US market within five years (2007-2012).

Talking about user’s fascination for smartphones and mobile apps, Christine Warren of Mashable says, “The market of smartphone is largely operated by luck. Having proper design, geo-location features and capability to connect and work with mobiles does help in making it popular and ready to go the elongated way. Staying within the top 10 of bestselling apps list enhances the success rate largely.”

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