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SBA Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SBAC) Announces Q1 Results!

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Dallas, Texas, 05/05/2014 (ustrademedia) – Brendan Cavanagh, the CEO and Chairman of SBA Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SBAC) had recently announced Q1 results through a conference call. This call allowed all the investors from different parts of the world to listen to what Brendan had to say. They could ask questions only during Q&A session. The copy of this conference call is available on the official website of SBA Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SBAC).

Brendan started the proceedings with a precautionary statement towards the risk and uncertainty that the company will have to face in coming months due to increased market competition. The revenue of the Q1 touched $309.3 million which was 13% more than what the company earned a year back. Out of the total revenue that the company managed to earn, $268.7 million came from the domestic market that was 12.8% more than last year’s revenue. International revenue (other than the domestic market) showed an unbelievable growth of 67.2%.

Reasons Behind above average financial performance:

According to the management of the company, the main reasons behind this excellent performance in Q1 included excellent organic growth, portfolio growth, and acquisition of more than 2113 towers in Brazil.

According to SBA Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SBAC), the demand for their products increased significantly both in the domestic market as well as international market. Though the market competition remained on higher node, but the company did pretty well to overcome all the obstacles.

The bigger picture:

SBA Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SBAC) is one of the biggest wireless network communication infrastructure provider in Central, North,  and South America. The company has been offering second to none services since past 25 years. The excellent service quality, amazing customer support, and consistent performance over the years has earned a leading place for the company. The current results are expected to grow in the future. Coming months will be very crucial for the company.


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