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Obama Meets With Arab-American Leaders before Israel Visit

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Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu

Barack Obama, President of US, met up with the leaders of Arab-America to discuss and seek solution to the views and comments, before his scheduled trip to Israel, Afghanistan and Jordan.

Last week, Obama met up with several Jewish American leaders regarding this issue. Today’s call for meeting was the first one where the president discussed and seek advice from the Arab American leaders at the White House in a group, states James Zogby, the head president of the Arab American Institute, one of the policy centers located at Washington.

He belongs to the 10 participants who took part in the meeting which comprised of representatives of Arab-American Institute for anti-discrimination, including American Task Force of Palestine, American Federation of Ramallah-Palestine, an orthodox priest and an imam. Zogby stated in an interview that they are delighted to get the opportunity of this visit. He also adds that there is quite a lot of expectation along with cynicism. People need to be revived with confidence and a sense of presidential care once again.

According to the reports and declarations of the White House, Obama is reported to have told the participants that he will use the opportunity of his visit to not only express the support of the Americans for the Palestinians but also encourage an independent state with proper reform of the Palestinian Authority, security and political policies. This brief declaration about the meeting of the president with the Arab-American leaders was released by the official authorities of White House.

Officials of White House also state that during his visit to Palestine, Obama will be talking with the people of Israel directly regarding their history, ethics, values and interest related to both the nations, i.e. US and Israel.

The visit of Obama next week to Israel will be the first for the president since his White House days from 2009. However, Obama has made several similar trips to various parts of the globe as a candidate of election during the year of 2008. This meeting comes at a time when the US is looking for more diplomatic approach and pressure rather than the military action to curtail the nuclear efforts of Israel. It is also associated with the election process of the nation which looks forward to a new and independent governing body. The US president is scheduled to be meeting the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to the nation.

However as the peace process of Israel and America is still under delay, administrative officials are not ready to disclose much about the tour and anything in connection to it. Zogby also refused to share any information related to the meeting, apart from stating that he along with other participants will be forwarding their views of the Arab community to the US president for consideration.

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