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Obama loses advantage when it comes to economy

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Obama loses advantage when it comes to economy

The poll numbers of President Obama aren’t doing great especially when it comes to the state of the economy right now. This was somewhat shocking to many people especially that the economy of the United States is actually doing great and continuously improving. Even though most American favoured the President when it came to the Republican Party, most citizens believe that the President isn’t doing everything he can to save the economy further especially during talks that take place in the Congress. Many believe that the president can push some of the financial policies he wanted by using his rights but he hasn’t done that so far.

The decrease in numbers definitely creates a new political and economic challenge for the President as he is trying to decrease the overall national debt. He is planning to do so by implementing new budget cuts on wealthy citizens along with imposing higher taxes on them. Members of the Republican Party have already opposed the increase in taxes several times. The president and the Republican Party also have to discuss increasing the debt ceiling in a couple of months. Even though this is great news for low and middle class citizens, this isn’t going well with wealthier citizens.

It is believed that the decrease in the polls was due to wealthy citizens voting against the President due to him insisting on imposing higher taxes on the wealthy. Keep in mind that American citizens from every class voted in this poll. The results of the poll were somewhat very shocking to business experts especially that the improvement in the economy of the United States is apparent to everyone. For example, the rate of unemployment has decreased where many people are able to find jobs easily now.

Also, the housing market is rebounding now where many people are able to pay back their mortgages back and others have been able to purchase houses. It is believed that President Obama would actually be able to do more if the Republican Party didn’t oppose every single decision he took regarding the economy. For example, they opposed all his decisions regarding the fiscal crisis situation which resulted in a crash in the stock market. The stock market then rebounded again and this is something that surprised many investors. It is not predicted what is going to happen in the next meeting revolving around spending cuts but experts and citizens hope that it will go well.

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