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News Update: Sun Hydraulics Corporation (NASDAQ:SNHY); Highpower Int’l (NASDAQ:HPJ); Chinanet Online Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CNET)

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Dallas, Texas, 09/29/2014 (ustrademedia) – Sun Hydraulics Corporation (NASDAQ:SNHY) announced on 25th September that its board of directors has approved the payout of special dividend of $1 per share to all share holders on record as of 10th October. The payout will be made on 24th October. The board has decided to offer a cash payout in order to demonstrate its strong and healthy cash balance and the confidence it has in generating more cash from operations going forward. The decision to return cash to its shareholders was made public by Sun Hydraulics Corporation (NASDAQ:SNHY) Chairman Philippe Lemaitre. The firm also indicated its resolve to continue the fast paced growth of the company by opting for M&A and increasing its market presence in Asia.

Highpower Int’l (NASDAQ:HPJ) announced on 26th September that it would tie up with Energous Corporation (NASDAQ:WATT). To develop new revolutionary battery technologies this would enable users to charge the batteries without using electrical wires. Recently, Energous Corporation (NASDAQ:WATT) had developed a new technology called WattUp™ that allowed electronic devices to charge from a power source which is at a distance without any wire connection. The solution is expected to provide “complete mobility” using software. Energous Corporation CEO Stephen R. Rizzone has indicated that the yet to be developed technology is likely to revolutionise the way smart phones and other wearable devices can be used.

Chinanet Online Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CNET) stock jumped up by nearly 30 percent yesterday after the firm released a corporate presentation about its current operational strengths and future growth potential. It reported generating revenue (unaudited) of nearly $10.36 million from its second quarter operations leading to a net loss of $1.33 million for the same reporting period. The firm that calls itself the “Best lead generation company” for SME in China has been at the forefront of helping small firms generates a huge sales pipeline.

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