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Landstar System, Inc. (NASDAQ:LSTR) Latest Updates

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Dallas, Texas, 03/11/2014 (ustrademedia) –  Landstar System, Inc.(NASDAQ:LSTR) is a Jacksonville, US-based freight and transport service, which meets the services and supply chain solutions of the company. The company which offers transportation options across the US and Canadian territories has been expanding its connectivity to Mexico as well as other parts of the world.

Commission based model

Landstar System, Inc.(NASDAQ:LSTR) has adopted a commission-based business model, which allows the company to meet all the requirements. It has partnership with third-party providers, which provide the much needed link capacity. The company has also invested heavily in networking capabilities to allow connect across the industry participants and achieve maximum user satisfaction. The company operates at two levels- the first is the transportation logistics, while the second is the insurance section.

Landstar System, Inc.(NASDAQ:LSTR) has also moved to shake off parts of its businesses such as the A3 Integration  LLC of Landstar System Inc. This has proved to be premier situation for the company as it rebuilds its logistics infrastructure. The latest to the tie-ups to improve management has been a toll management solution as well as discount services for the trucking industry, with BESTPASS services.  This will help Landstar to work seamlessly with independent contractors who are the backbone of Landstore services. Besides, the company also has a Landstar Benevolence Fund for the families of its independent providers.

BESTPASS , which is known to be backed by New York State Motor Truck Association allows truckers to save on commercial motor carrier time as well as money. BESTPASS strives to bring down costs of toll charges and offer account management tools allowing the savings and efficiency building for trucking services providers. The company also works on the E-ZPass, ExpressToll as well as the Norpass, besides NCPass Services for weigh station bypass coverage. In effect, the solution between LandStar System INc and BESTPASS will pass-on advantages to the contractors as well as users.

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