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Hillary Clinton In Support of Gay Marriage

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Hillary Clinton In Support of Gay Marriage

Soon to be the new candidate for the presidential elections, Hillary Clinton is now endorsing the gay marriage. The video showing her endorsement has been released on Monday, which now marks a positive sign for all the gay couples in the country. In her view, the gays as well as the lesbians are the citizens of the United States and also have equal rights in lines to which they need to be treated in an equalized manner. The video has been released by a human rights campaign that is currently going strong in the country. She also added that the rights also include the right to marriage which no one can take from them. She continued by saying that even the law allows them to marry, so why are their deliberations in giving them the right which they rightfully deserve.

After this statement it is being said that Hillary has also placed herself among the candidates for the elections that would be held in the year 2016. Now it all depends on you whether you consider this move from the side Hillary to be ultra-brave or super smart. It should also be noted here that Bill Clinton had also endorsed the rights for gays and lesbians earlier this month, which shows a supportive stance from the side of Bill for his wife. Bill had also urged the Supreme Court to beat out the act which was made in terms of the defense of marriage.

The issues related to gay and lesbian marriages are now changing the dynamics of the republican politics. A number of politicians are of the view that Obama needs to be keep the present conditions in mind and should reach on a final decision. Some are of the view here that the president is indeed some pressure in terms of this issue which needs to be sorted out as early as possible. Rob Portman, who was also a finalist for the Vice President elections, has also stated that now he is also among the people who are in support of the gay marriage. This statement had come from this side after learning that his son is also a gay. In lines to all the information and statement that is being offered, it can be said that there is a lot of hip hop going in the US politics. It can also be said here that the issue on gay and lesbian marriage can prove to be a dangerous point keeping in view the falling reputation of Obama.

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