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Eye-catching Stocks Today: B2Gold Corp (NYSEMKT:BTG), ITT Educational Services, Inc. (NYSE:ESI) and SunEdison Inc. (NYSE:SUNE)

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Dallas, Texas, 09/24/2014 (ustrademedia) – On September 22, B2Gold Corp (NYSEMKT:BTG) announced that it has finally received approval by the Federal Court of Australia to complete the transaction with Papillon Resources Limited. BTG, effective the previous arrangement made with the former will be able to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Papillon as well as the issued shares. Shareholders of Papillon had indicated their consent on September 15, 2014 itself. BTG would now receive these shares effective September 26, 2014, with the entire scheme of arrangement implemented by October 3, 2014. The arrangement includes issuing of B2Gold shares to erstwhile Papillon Shareholders as well.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. (NYSE:ESI) is once again in the dock, as The Rosen Law Firm, PA issued a statement it would begin investigations into ESI securities claims. The allegations are that, the company’s financial statements may have been doctored, rendering them inaccurate and allowing for misrepresentation of the prospects of the financial condition of the education services company. The last heard from ITT, on May 22, 2014 that it was withdrawing its forecast for 2014, as they contained inaccuracies and were not reliable for investment purposes. There were inconsistencies in the PEAKS program of private students the noted had clarified, affecting the guarantee obligations mentioned under it. The Rosen Law Firm has since announced that it will prepare a securities class action lawsuit for such of the purchases made before September 19, 2014.

SunEdison Inc. (NYSE:SUNE) in a statement of Mission, on Monday, reported that it will now bring power to remote areas of India, with a slew of projects. SUNE reported that it would begin the production of 241 KW of PV Micro-grid to more than 54 remote villages. This would transform the lives of over 8,000 people in these villages it reported. Secondly, it will also offer a Grant to Farmers, so that they can purchase water pumps powered by solar energy. This scheme is expected to meet the needs of 200 families in the pilot program.

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