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Democrats against Obama – the president might spend too much

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Democrats against Obama – the president might spend too much

Currently, the president wants to improve his relationship with the Congress. However, opposition now consist of both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats fear of their liberal principles being violated by the president on a budget deal.

During lunch, as Obama had discussions with the Democrats, he said that bargaining with the Republicans would be a great idea to improve the already critical budget deficit. The senator of Iowa, Tom Harkin, affirmed that Social Security must be kept and respected at any price and people are still wondering what the bargain proposed by Obama would include.

The main concern of the Democrats about the president is that they say he might enhance the Social Security retirement benefits with a smaller index of inflation, meaning that the benefits in case would drop by more than $120 billion in the next 10 years’ time. Using the words of Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sander, the Obama cost cutting idea is not too smart. Sanders says that costs aren’t to be reduced and that profits should be increased instead. He also claims that the current issues could be solved even without the planned cuts. Obama tried to calm the spirits by saying that the decisions are still available for negotiations.

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers came up with their solutions to budget deficits and this is the main reason why Obama visited Capitol Hill. Republicans would support cost reductions over the next decade with around $4.5 billion while Democrats say that wealthier people should pay more taxes and thus the budget would gain at least $1.8 trillion.

The White House publicly announced that the Democrats will definitely have a hard time to accept the new proposals that Obama made, especially because the Democrats fear the planned cost reduction programs the most. The president repeatedly had discussions with the Democrats from the Senate as during this week a lot of gatherings with lawmakers have been scheduled. The discussions with the Republicans are planned for Wednesday while the discussions with the Democrats are planned for later.

Obama strongly supports reducing spending from the budget, reducing the number of people to be eligible to Social Security benefits and increasing incomes for the budget. It has been announced that the president most probably struggles to end the crisis and the currently concerning budget deficits. Obama approached a smarter strategy by trying to approach lawmakers separately instead of approaching the entire team of leaders all at once. However, the Republicans aren’t interested in raising revenues.

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