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Christie Raise Maximum Fund in Re-Election

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Christie Raise Maximum Fund in Re-Election

To get started in his re-election bid, the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is all geared up to raise record amount of cash. It is speculated that the landslide of the month of November can be the healing help with his fellow contestants of Republicans, thus boosting the chances of Chris as the potential candidate for the position of President in the year of 2016.

It is in the month of December when the Democrats were yet to name their candidate that Christie had started collecting funds almost the whole of 2009 primarily. His fund rising operation also got out-of-the-state since last month at an event held at the home of Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook Inc. The event was also graced by the appearance of the governor Scott Walker in the previous week at Wisconsin.

Christie, who is 50 years of age, has got record response for his Hurricane Sandy. It is stated that almost half of democrat voters have stated that he deserves to serve another term, against his lead challenger Barbara Buono, the Senate, by 36 percent. Talking about his nomination in the out of the state scenario, the governor has also drawn quite applause and criticism from many republicans. He has been criticized also for praising the help of US president Barack Obama in the troubled days.

Mathew Hale, a teacher at the Seton Hall University based at South Orange states that if Christie wants to run for the competition of president, he will need to show his capacity of raising national finance. The ability to get maximum funds and number of donors can be a primary factor to bank on as it will determine his presidential fundraising potential to tab in.

As per the data and information compiled from the State’s Election Law Enforcement Commission, it is reported that Christie has been able to fund raise around $17.6 million from various private as well as public donors in this reign as a governor in the year 2009. He has successfully outnumbered the other candidate, Democrat Jon Corzine, who was the ex-co-chairman of Goldman Sachs Group and collected total fund of $32 million, added with his self-finance in order to get a second win.

By the month of June 2009, Christie had successfully collected $2.3 million, which is the highest amount till date which no other New Jersey candidate has been able to cover. Moreover Christie is also the candidate who didn’t fund his own campaign, unlike others. In the current year, he has added $2.1 million by the month of December while on the other hand Buono got to raise $215,000. The next report for the fund raising amount is due to be released in the month of April.

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